FerdinandoGargiuoloClassical studies and a degree in medicine (1976) in Rome. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1983) with a thesis on the cytomorphological patterns of genital infection by human papillomavirus.
He started as a General Practitioner and as Doctor on call in an emergency medical service (Condotta Medica) on the outskirts of Rome (Primavalle).
For ten years he was a specialist in a public family planning ambulatory (Consultorio Familiare) of Monte Mario. From 1979 to 2012 he worked as a gynaecologist in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Hospital “San Filippo Neri” in Rome. Since 2000, together with his activity as a hospital doctor, and full time in the second half of 2012, he has been working in Forensic Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


Starting from the study on the ecologic function of viral epidemics, at a certain point of his life, he felt as he were obliged to research about phenomena which were, superficially, very different but he finds out they are deeply linked by only one common root.
The long research which lasted about ten years and was carried out both in Italy and even if for short time at Rockfeller University of New York, has gradually been enriched with new elements coming from science and news. These elements have confirmed, more and more, the original hypothesis: phenomena like great epidemics of the past, birth of new viruses, human unexplained aggressiveness(serial killers, infanticides…), epidemics of suicides, climatic changes and environmental catastrophes, abuse of children (juvenile prostitution, children’s begging, market in organs) have only one origin: human overpopulation.

This research produced the book The Intelligent Virus issued by the Publishing House Edizioni Madame de Loynes.

Nearly at the same time of the publication of the Book two sites Madame de Loynes (dedicated to Obstetrics and Gynecology but with News concerning the contents of the Book) and the site of the Publishing House Edizioni Madame de Loynes (entirely dedicated to the presentation of the book The Intelligent Virus) are formed.

In 2014 The Blog The Intelligent Virus was opened where the author decided to put all the chapters of the book on line ( the publication is still in progress ).
Always in 2014 The Blog the Intelligent Virus was opened translated into English from the homonymous Blog in Italian.

At present the creation of two video channels with the same name of the blogs is ongoing: Il Virus Intelligente and The Intelligent Virus each of them to be associated with the respective blog. The target of these videos is to explain verbally with the direct intervention of the author and his collaborators ( some of them probably of mother tongue ) the meaning of the complex subjects dealt with in the book.

The first series of videos will concern Leonardo:

  • Which events of the genius’s infancy and particularly of his family life contributed to develop Leonardo’s tendency to a careful observation of nature and the study of its laws?
  • Why did Leonardo decide, at a certain point of his life, to neglect painting where he had got excellent results and devoted himself nearly exclusively to scientific research causing astonishment among his colleague painters?
  • Why can we say that for Leonardo God is Nature itself with all its laws?
  • What profound meaning is contained in the sentence Disputa pro e contra Legge di Natura (Debate pros and cons Nature Law) derived from Arundel Code and the author made use of as incipit of The Intelligent Virus?
  • Why does the author think Disputa pro e contra Legge di Natura (Debate pros and cons Nature Law) represents Leonardo’s greatest discovery which nobody, till now, maybe not even Leonardo himself, has understood its real importance?