The Intelligent Virus is the result of a research of about ten years which, starting from the study on the ecologic function of Viruses, HIV in particular, can examine the possible causes of nowadays phenomena: new viral epidemics, increase of human intraspecific aggressiveness (serial killers, infanticides, parents’murders, massacres without reason….), epidemics of suicides, climatic changes and environmental catastrophes.

The Intelligent Virus is above all a book on overpopulation an d its consequences. Iperproduction of human beings turns a child into a product, the latter inevitably bound to be absorbed by one of the numerous industries flourishing on the abuse of children: baby workers, juvenile prostitution, micro-criminality, traffic in organs, market of adoptions.
Through the pressure on the environment, overpopulation causes climatic changes and environmental catastrophes of worldwide dimensions, so as prophecies of clairvoyants in the past and forecast of scientists today for a future not so far away.

Nature senses danger and tries to put a stop to the abnormal increase of human population: to do so it allies just with those DNA fragments, those genes which, some time before, had rebelled against, under the illusion to become similar to God by creating man.
It’s in “Original Sin”, seen, together with the Genesis, under a scientific point of view, that “The Intelligent Virus” discovers “the birth of man” and of all his problems. Religion, philosophy, science and mystery, that is the whole human knowledge in its various forms is used by the author to find out the causes of such a lot human suffering.